That’s a rough task being patient when you don’t have hope, faith in life, faith in God, in fate or the thing you believe that’s responsible for the order of the facts in life.

Yes, because if you take a good look, you’ll see that everything in life happens on the right time and certain things you’ve fiercely desired wouldn’t be that good if they had come when you wanted them to. Take your time, look back and think: isn’t your trajectory composed by facts that, seen through an isolated perspective, can look like suffering or joy, but when they’re analyzed as a group, they clearly point into one same direction, gathered together for a reason, generally for learning purposes?
According to my way of looking at the world, the existence of a power that’s endlessly superior to us and has the prerogative of coordinating our living in such a clear manner is doubtless.

So, if you don’t believe that everything IS going to change, through your efforts or through that supernatural help that manifests itself everyday without us noticing, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to talk to you about patience. Even because of the fact these texts have been written according to my own experience, and I’ve lived no moment in my life in which I’ve doubted the existence of a universal force immensely superior to me; I never believed that our planet and its inhabitants are abandoned to their own luck, counting only with themselves.

If you believe that you’re not alone on this world, don’t deny yourself the comfort of being patient. Patience is a medicine for much of the suffering you feel, and for other people who follow your example. Be hopeful, for hope is the base of patience, and while you wait, work. Positive results are guaranteed.