On what concerns to happiness, it must not be forgotten that we always become what we love.



The one who accepts himself as is, donating the best he has on himself to life, walks more easily towards the happy person he hopes to be.  



Our happiness will be naturally proportional to the happiness we build to others.



The other one’s happiness starts so often on the smile you want to give him.   



Happiness can exhibit itself, walk, speak and communicate on the external life, but it resides with an exact address on peaceful conscience.



If you aspire to be happy and still carry with yourself some guilt complexes, start to wish for your own liberation, embracing ,on the work to support others, the process of repairing of this or that harm you might have caused on displease of somebody.  



Study yourself, observing that self-knowledge brings humility and without humility it is impossible to be happy.


Love is the force of life and work attached to love is the happiness generator factory.


If you stop complaining, you’ll notice that happiness is calling your heart to a new life.


When the sky is gray, shedding rain, meditate about the abundant harvest that will come from the field and about the beauty of the flowers that will grow on the garden.





André Luiz (Spirit) / Chico Xavier (Médium)


From the book « Sinal Verde » (Green Sign), FEB Publishing, Brazil, page 62.