To walk safely on the trail of virtue, we have to dispose of every bit of illusion we have built for ourselves. In order to do that, we must think deeply about the reason why we are on Earth.


Are we here to be rich? Are we here to be loved? Are we here to be famous? Are we here to be beautiful? Are we here to be happy?


“Happiness is not of this world”, Jesus said. That’s the truth that sets us free.


We are here to suffer the consequences of our previous acts, in this life or another. That’s why no one will, on this Earth, experience a life completely free from trouble. Happiness is not the goal we must pursue; whoever spends his entire life looking for it will be frustrated, since happiness comes and goes in this world.


Once we understand and accept this truth, it becomes easier to deal with the things we desire that we know we won’t get (unless they are on God’s plan for us). Sometimes we want something so badly, that it seems we won’t be able to live anymore if we don’t get it. Some people even create an imaginary life where everything is possible, and lose a precious time feeding this illusion, a time that could be spent achieving real things.


Realizing what we are here for helps to eliminate the anxiety and anguish these illusions bring.


So, the next time we feel anxious because of an intense desire of something we don’t have, like beauty or a lot of money or fame, or any other thing, let’s remember that our mission on Earth is seizing the opportunity, that God has graciously provided, of learning and redeeming ourselves from previous mistakes. Let’s not waste this marvelous opportunity longing for things that don’t matter to our spiritual growth. And this thought will bring peace to our hearts.