by Cairbar Schutel




My Master and Lord Jesus.


Praised be Your Saint Spirit!


On the hard times of my life I have called for you and I was never unworthy of Your Grace.


On the times of joy and abundance in my life, I have never stopped thanking you and singing praises to Your incomparable Spirit.


Help me, Lord, with my deficiencies; fill in my voids, fill in my blanks with your Mercy and do not allow Your Doctrine to be scandalized and Your Word maculated by my defects.


I’m Your disciple and I love you as the loyal dog loves his owner. I’m an ignorant child. Have mercy of me!


Bless all of the Spirits, my brothers that hold me up, and give them strength to operate with me Your love.


Praised be God, our Heavenly Father, whom I know, Lord, because of You, and whom I love and adore, if I follow Your precepts.



This prayer can be found on the book “Preces Espíritas” (Spiritist Prayers), by Cairbar Schutel, 1987 (O Clarim Publishing, Brazil)



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