1. Is the medianimic faculty an indication of a morbid state of health, or is it simply abnormal?


“It is sometimes abnormal, but not morbid. Some mediums are very robust; those who are weak are so from other causes.”


2. Does the exercise of the medianimic faculty cause fatigue?


“A too prolonged exercise of any faculty causes fatigue; it is the same with medianimity, especially when employed for the obtaining of physical manifestations, which necessarily occasions fatigue, because it is a loss of fluid that is only to be restored by rest.”


3. Is the proper exercise of medianimity (we do not speak of its abuse), injurious to health?


“There are cases in which the physical or moral state of a medium may render it prudent, or even necessary, to abstain from exercising it, or, at least, to exercise it with great moderation. A medium is generally warned, when this is the case, by his own feeling; and he should always abstain from using his medianimity when he is conscious of fatigue in so doing.”


4. Is the exercise of medianimity more likely to he injurious to some persons than to others?


“I have already said that this depends upon the physical and moral state of the medium. There are persons whose temperament renders it necessary to avoid all causes of over-excitement; and mediumship may be of the number”.


5. Can the exercise of medianimity produce madness?


“No more than anything else may produce it, when there is a predisposition to brain-disease. Mediumship will not produce madness, where the germ of madness does not exist; but, where that germ exists (which is easily known), commonsense should suffice to show you the necessity of avoiding every kind of mental excitement.”


6. Is it imprudent to develop the medianimic faculty in children?


“It is not only imprudent, but very dangerous to do so: for the frail and delicate organization of childhood would be too much shaken, and the youthful imagination too much excited, by such attempts; parents should therefore keep these ideas from their children, or, at least, should only speak of them in reference to their moral aspect.”


7. Yet there are children who are mediums by nature, not only for physical manifestations, but also for writing and for visions ; is there danger for such as these?


“No; where a child’s faculty is spontaneous, it belongs to his temperament, and his constitution is prepared for its exercise; it is a very different thing when you attempt to develop medianimity artificially, and thus subject the child’s nervous system to overexcitement. It is also to be remarked that a child who is naturally subject to visions is generally but little impressed by them ; they appear so natural to such a child, that he pays but little heed to them and easily forgets them; and in after years, if these visions recur to his memory, he is not apt to be painfully affected by the remembrance of them.”


8. At what age may we attempt to develop the faculty of medianimity without danger?


“There is no rule in regard to age; it depends partly on the physical, and still more on the moral, development of the individual; there are children of; say, a dozen years of age, who would be less affected by the attempt than many grown persons. I am now speaking of medianimity in general; but physical medianimity is that which is most likely to cause fatigue to the organism. Writing, however, in the case of a child, has another danger, owing to his inexperience, viz., the mischief which might result to his health, if he took to writing when alone, and should thus make an amusement of it.”



Excerpt from Allan Kardec‘s “The Medium’s Book”, translated by Anna Blackwell, LAKE (Livraria Allan Kardec Editora), page 234. Printed in Brazil. Version found at Public Domain.





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