How much affliction will disappear on its origin, if you know how to suffer in silence! How much bitterness will be forgotten, if you forgive the sourness!


You ask for the peace of the LORD, but the Lord equally waits for your help on what concerns to the peace of others.


Think deeply about the needs of your brother before you judge his thoughtless gesture. In many occasions, the aggressiveness with which he hurts you is only anguish and the rough words with which he pays back your affection is only the wound of his heart poisoning his mouth.


Help a million times before reproaching one time.


The swamps emit sick flows because they haven’t found hands to dry them, and the desert causes thirst and suffering because it hasn’t received the dew of the fountain.


Let piety become a silent help in your heart, so that the pain starts to fade.


Do not extend the fire of evil with the dry log of irritation and hate!


Wait and love always!


Silently, the pruned tree multiplies its own fruits, and the sky taken by the shadow of the night reveals the glory of the stars! …


Remember Christ, the silent Friend.


Without revindications and without a sound, He wrote the immortal poems of forgiveness and love, of hope and joy of heart on Earth.


Let’s find in Him our example for the everyday fight and, tolerating and helping today, on the narrow human existence, we’ll collect tomorrow the blessings of the silent light that will reveal us the ways of the Eternal Life.  



Meimei (spirit), Chico Xavier (medium)