My sons, the reincarnation on Earth is the path to the victory of charity that, by itself, represents the Divine Love on the foundation of life.


The world is a temple of charity.


The body is the shelter of charity, in which we are protected to serve it.

The air is a fluid of charity.


The bread is a blessing from charity.

The fountain is a resource of charity.

Home is an institution of charity.

Among all gifts of existence, we are surprised by the support of charity so that we learn how to extend charity.

The family begs for charity.

The companion hopes for charity.

The neighbor expects charity.

The boss requests charity.

The subordinate asks for charity.

The sick person solicits charity.


The offender demands charity.

The brother of the way, whoever he is, passes by us looking for charity.

In this way we need charity on feelings and ideas, on the words and attitudes, on the action and on the example, constantly, constantly…

If we intend to go ahead with Jesus, towards the superior plans, let’s get used to the imperatives of charity, in all circumstances, remembering that He, the Divine Master, to synthesize all the principles of His freeing doctrine, has said to all ears throughout all centuries:


“Love one another as I have loved you”.


Fabiano (spirit), Chico Xavier (medium). From the book “Seguindo Juntos” (Walking ahead together).


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