(…) When work, however, becomes the pleasure of serving, comes the most important point of spiritual remuneration: every time the Divine Justice goes after us on the exact address for the execution of the sentences we proffer against ourselves, according to the laws of cause and effect, if It finds us serving others, the Divine Mercy orders that the execution be suspended, for indeterminate time.

And, on the appropriate time, when comes the unavoidable contact with the mechanisms of the Earthly Justice, there comes to help us the influence of all the ones who, by any chance, we have assisted, since this kind of companions convert themselves spontaneously into natural advocates of our cause, lightening the penalties in which we have incurred or terminating them completely, if we have already rescued in love our debts of probation and suffering, for the rectification and tranquility inside ourselves.

Let’s think deeply about this and conclude that working and serving, anywhere, will always represent to us constant support and promotion to the Better Life.


Emmanuel (spirit)


Chico Xavier (medium)


Message found on the website Vida e Morte.org



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