The difficult relative does not allow you to have peace.


                            The rude boss does not let you have the calm working environment you need.


                            The colleague embarrasses and upsets you systematically.


                            Do not give up on loving them.


                            Through fraternal love we forgive and understand others, in order to obtain forgiveness and comprehension to ourselves.


                            Who can guess what’s inside them, which sickness attacks their body and soul, what is the burden they have to carry?  


                            Do not give up on the fight of love and faith. It’s a fight not against the others, but against all evil that’s inside us: against the wish for a payback, for revenge, against the pride that blocks forgiveness.


                            On the hard times, be patient. Your most powerful weapons are silence and prayer.


                                   Never give up on anyone, because all the people on our way are there for a reason, signalizing we have work to execute with them.