Work on the present;

Serving others;

Confidence in the future;

Thoughts on good;

Commitment to duty;

Cultivating friendship;

Exercising patience;

Practicing goodwill;

Cultivating gratitude;

Devotion to study;

All Wise God help us remember.  


* * *

Past hardships;

Shed tears;

Tendency to despondency;

The friend who went away;

The one who is an enemy for no reason;

The solved problem;

The suffered injury;

The unpleasant meeting;

The induction to censorship;

The useless word;

The empty time;

All Merciful God help us forget.



From the book “Respostas da Vida” (Answers of Life), by André Luiz. Automatic writing by Chico Xavier. IDEAL Publishing – Instituto Divulgação Editora André Luiz.