AGENERATE (from the Greek primitive a, and géine, géinomai, to engender; that which has not been engendered). – This term expresses a variety of tangible apparitions; the state of certain spirits who can momentarily assume the form of a living person, so as to produce a complete illusion.


ERRATICITY – The state of errant or wandering spirits; that is to say, of such as are not incarnate; the state of a spirit during the intervals between two successive corporeal existences.


EVOCATION – The act of evoking or calling the spirit or spirits with whom we desire to enter into communication, as distinguished from invocation, which is the act of addressing ourselves to a spirit or spirits for help or assistance.


SPIRIT – According to the spiritist theory, spirits are the intelligent beings of the creation; they people the universe beyond the limits of the visible world, and constitute the population of the invisible world; they are the souls of men who have lived upon the earth, or in other globes, and who have quitted their corporeal envelope.


SPIRIT-RAPPERS – A class of spirits who reveal their presence and their quality by raps and noises of different kinds.


MEDIANIMIC (from the Latin words medium (see below), and anima, soul). – Appertaining to the special faculty or action of intermediacy between souls in flesh and souls in the spirit-world. We say “A medianimic communication;” “Possession of the medianimic faculty constitutes a medium.”


MEDIANIMITY (from the Latin medium, and anima; middle-man, intermediary). – A person who serves as a go-between, or intermediary, between the souls of spirits and of men.


MEDIUMISTIC – Synonymous with Medianimic.


MEDIUMSHIP – The exercise of the medianimic faculty. The calling, work, mission, or action, of a medium.



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Excerpt from Allan Kardec‘s “The Medium’s Book”, translated by Anna Blackwell, LAKE (Livraria Allan Kardec Editora). Printed in Brazil. Version found at Public Domain.





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