If you can’t be patient because you are under the troubles of some illness, revolting yourself against the situation will only worsen your condition, doing harm to your treatment.  


If losses of material resources have dilapidated your economic savings and you stay away from work, intending to protest against the world, that will put you under bigger difficulties.  


If you revolt yourself against the illness of someone dear, this attitude will enlarge the sickness of the person you dedicate yourself to.


If you rebel yourself against the friend that does not embrace your points of view anymore, that’s a behavior that will only set you on bitterness for no reason.


If you don’t accept the work conditions life has designated for you, denying yourself the necessary renovation, you will obtain nothing but frustration on unemployment.


If you don’t keep the necessary calm while facing offense and critics, you will inevitably enter the domains of desperation.


Patience is the support of peace for all crisis and probations on which you may be. Exchanging it for complaint and rage, discontentment and intolerance, will always be leaving the little difficulty which you are facing to fall into the worst one.



Emmanuel (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)


Message distributed by GEEM – Emmanuel Spiritist Group