207. Parents often transmit physical resemblance to their children; do they also transmit to them moral resemblance?


“No; because they have different souls or spirits. The body proceeds from the body, but the spirit does not proceed from any other spirit. Between the descendants of the same race there is no other relationship than that of consanguinity.”


– What is the cause of the moral resemblance that sometimes exists between parents and children?


“The attractive influence of moral sympathy, which brings together spirits who are animated by similar sentiments and tendencies.”


208. Are the spirits of the parents without influence upon the spirit of their child after its birth?


“They exercise, on the contrary, a very great influence upon it. As we have already told you, spirits are made to conduce to one another’s progress. To the spirits of the parents is confided the mission of developing those of their children by the training they give to them; it is a task which is appointed to them, and which they cannot without guilt fail to fulfil.”


209. How is it that good and virtuous parents often give birth to children of perverse and evil nature? In other words, how is it that the good qualities of tile parents do not always attract to them, through sympathy, a good spirit to animate their child?


“A wicked spirit may ask to be allowed to have virtuous parents, in the hope that their counsels may help him to amend his ways; and God often confides such an one to the care of virtuous persons, in order that he may be benefited by their affection and care.”


210. Can parents, by their intentions and their prayers, attract a good spirit into the body of their child, instead of an inferior spirit?


“No; but they can improve the spirit of the child whom they have brought into the world, and is confided to them for that purpose. It is their duty to do this; but bad children are often sent as a trial for the improvement of the parents also.”


211. What is the cause of the similarity of character so often existing among brothers, especially between twins?


“The sympathy of two spirits who are attracted by the similarity of their sentiments, and who are happy to be together.”



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Excerpt from Allan Kardec‘s “The Spirit’s Book”, translated by Anna Blackwell, LAKE (Livraria Allan Kardec Editora), Printed in Brazil. Version found at Public Domain.




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