If you can, yet today:



Forget the tribulations and show a bigger smile to those who share life with you;


Give one more touch of happiness and beauty to your home;


Go visit, even for a short time, the sick person you wish to encourage;


Write, even if it’s a simple note, transmitting hope and tranquility, on somebody’s benefit;


Enhance your knowledge on the work area you’re currently employing your time on;


Extend some more optimism and joy to the ones you live with;


Try to forget – but really forget – everything that means a reason for sadness or exasperation;


Read some enlightening page and listen to music that sets peace to your heart;


Dedicate some minutes to meditate and pray;


Practice, at least, one good deed without telling it to anyone.



These indications of spiritual support, if respected, will do a great good to others, but will be good especially to you.



André Luiz (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)


From the book « Respostas da Vida », IDEAL Publishing