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386. Could two beings, who have already known and loved each other, meet again and recognise one another, in another corporeal existence?

“They could not recognise one another; but they might be attracted to each other. The attraction resulting from the ties of a former existence is often the cause of the most intimate affectional unions of a subsequent existence. It often happens in your world that two persons are drawn together by circumstances which appear to be merely fortuitous, but which are really due to the attraction exercised upon one another by two spirits who are unconsciously seeking each other amidst the crowds by whom they are surrounded.”

-Would it not be more agreeable for them to recognise each other?

“Not always; the remembrance of past existences would be attended with greater disadvantages than you suppose. After death they would recognise one another, and would then remember the periods they had passed together.” (392.)

387. Is sympathy always the result of anterior acquaintanceship?

“No; two spirits who are in harmony naturally seek one another, without their having been previously acquainted with each other as men.”

388. May it not be that the meetings which sometimes take place between two persons, and which are attributed to chance, are really due to the action of some sort of sympathetic relationship?

“There are, among thinking beings, orders of relationship with ‘which you are not yet acquainted. Magnetism is the pilot of the science that will enable you to understand them at a future period.”

389. What is the cause of the instinctive repulsion sometimes excited in us by persons whom we see for the first time?

“The latent antipathy of two spirits who divine each other’s nature, and recognise one another, without the need of speaking together.”

390. Is instinctive antipathy allays the sign of an evil nature on the part of one or both of the parties who feel it?

“Two spirits are not necessarily evil because the)’ are not sympathetic; for antipathy may spring from a want of similarity in their way of thinking. But in proportion as they ascend, these shades of difference are effaced, and their antipathy disappears.”

391. Does the antipathy of two persons take its first beginning on the part of the better or the worse one of the two?

“It may begin simultaneously on the part of both; but, in such a case, its causes and effects are different. A bad spirit feels antipathy against whoever is able to judge and to unmask him. On seeing such a person for the first time, he knows that he will be disapproved by him; his repulsion changes into hatred or jealousy, and inspires him with the desire of doing harm to the object of his antipathy. A good spirit feels repulsion for a had one, because he knows that he will not be understood by him, and that they do not share the same sentiments; but, strong in his own superiority, he feels neither hatred nor jealousy towards him, and contents himself with avoiding and pitying him.”

Excerpt from Allan Kardec‘s “The Spirit’s Book”, translated by Anna Blackwell, LAKE (Livraria Allan Kardec Editora), Printed in Brazil. Version found at Public Domain.


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All of us are called to build good for everyone, according to the Laws of God.

It’s very easy to recognize the chosen ones.

The brothers who refuse to work remain called for it.

Understanding that Divine Justice ignores privileges, all of those who decide to serve are chosen by the effect of their own choice.

Emmanuel (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)

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 Chico, we are deeply grateful for your example of faith, charity and obedience to Jesus’ teachings. Thank you!

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