Never be ashamed of serving, or regret doing it.

Enhancing your professional work, acquiring new knowledge, is simply your duty.

Cooperate with your bosses through the straightly performed obligation, without employing means of flattery.

Never diminish or imply less value to the efforts of colleagues.

Never pretend sickness or accidents, specially intending to benefit from laws of protection or the help of insurance institutions, for life usually demands that the consequences of such lies are suffered.

Never attribute only to yourself the success of some task, understanding that on every work the team spirit must be considered.

Sabotaging work will always mean deterioration of our own interest.

Accepting disorder or stimulating it is sponsoring our own lack of balance.

You possess countless resources to promote yourself or bettering your own area of action, without recurring to disrespect, disturbance, bitterness or rebellion.

Salary wise, remember this: whoever works must receive payment, but, on the same note, whoever is being paid must work.

André Luiz/Chico Xavier

From the book “Sinal Verde” (green light) – Comunhão Espírita Cristã Publishing, Brazil.