“They have their eyes full of adultery.” ( II Peter, 2:14 )

“Eyes full of adultery” represent a dificcult disease in our fight for evolution. Very few men use their eyes as blessed lamps and fewer use them as live instruments of sanctifying work in the necessary vigil.Most people make use of them to look at anything, immediately identifying their worst side.

Ordinary men, usually, look at certain situations only to concentrate on the angles which appeal to their own inferior interests. If they are crossing a field, they do not pay attention to their beneficial role for the collective life , but they can only think of the possibility of material profits which it can offer them.If they see an affectionate sister , walking not far from them, along the evolutive journey, they plan, almost always, a way to establish links which are far from being noble. If they meet companions in places they go to to satisfy their inferior interests, they do not recognize those brothers as capable of having well-intentioned ideas, but on the contrary, they are seen as competitors aiming at less dignified purposes.

Let us listen to Simon Peter’s warning cry, forgetting the habit of analyzing things with an evil eye. Optimistic eyes will know how to extract sublime reasons for learning , in the varied situations along the road they walk. No one should claim the need for vigil to justify manifestations of malice.

The christianized, prudent man, knows how to contemplate his own problems and he never sees evil where evil does not exist yet.

Emmanuel. Channelled by Francisco Candido Xavier, from the book “Pão Nosso”

Source: Os Mensageiros