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                        “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended; but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.”


Philippians, 3:13,14



                   How many of us are tied to memories of unhappy experiences?


                   It might not be possible to erase some moments from our memory definitely, but the way we choose to deal with these reminiscences depends only on us: do we choose to live attached to these memories or do we choose to go on?


                   Frequently some situation from the past keeps coming to our minds because it remains unsolved. Let’s analyze, then, what do we have to do to solve the question: is it forgiving someone or forgiving ourselves? Do we need to correct some mistake? 


                   Let’s do, then, what is necessary to resolve the situation so that the past won’t stop us from going ahead; always asking God for strength so that we can make the best decisions on this process.  


                   Paul, the Apostle, teaches us that we must go on, “reaching forth unto those things which are before”, freeing ourselves from the past and reaching for the future in which, through our efforts on Good, we’ll find “the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.”



                   Euzébia Noleto



                            The difficult relative does not allow you to have peace.


                            The rude boss does not let you have the calm working environment you need.


                            The colleague embarrasses and upsets you systematically.


                            Do not give up on loving them.


                            Through fraternal love we forgive and understand others, in order to obtain forgiveness and comprehension to ourselves.


                            Who can guess what’s inside them, which sickness attacks their body and soul, what is the burden they have to carry?  


                            Do not give up on the fight of love and faith. It’s a fight not against the others, but against all evil that’s inside us: against the wish for a payback, for revenge, against the pride that blocks forgiveness.


                            On the hard times, be patient. Your most powerful weapons are silence and prayer.


                                   Never give up on anyone, because all the people on our way are there for a reason, signalizing we have work to execute with them.









To walk safely on the trail of virtue, we have to dispose of every bit of illusion we have built for ourselves. In order to do that, we must think deeply about the reason why we are on Earth.


Are we here to be rich? Are we here to be loved? Are we here to be famous? Are we here to be beautiful? Are we here to be happy?


“Happiness is not of this world”, Jesus said. That’s the truth that sets us free.


We are here to suffer the consequences of our previous acts, in this life or another. That’s why no one will, on this Earth, experience a life completely free from trouble. Happiness is not the goal we must pursue; whoever spends his entire life looking for it will be frustrated, since happiness comes and goes in this world.


Once we understand and accept this truth, it becomes easier to deal with the things we desire that we know we won’t get (unless they are on God’s plan for us). Sometimes we want something so badly, that it seems we won’t be able to live anymore if we don’t get it. Some people even create an imaginary life where everything is possible, and lose a precious time feeding this illusion, a time that could be spent achieving real things.


Realizing what we are here for helps to eliminate the anxiety and anguish these illusions bring.


So, the next time we feel anxious because of an intense desire of something we don’t have, like beauty or a lot of money or fame, or any other thing, let’s remember that our mission on Earth is seizing the opportunity, that God has graciously provided, of learning and redeeming ourselves from previous mistakes. Let’s not waste this marvelous opportunity longing for things that don’t matter to our spiritual growth. And this thought will bring peace to our hearts.  




                        I invite you to do a self-analysis. Carefully observe your body and your face in front of the mirror. What is bothering you? In your mind, list everything that you consider unsatisfying, physically speaking.  Now, ask yourself: was indiscipline a decisive factor for this displeasure with your body?

                         Drinking way too much, smoking, lackadaisical eating, not enough sleep, sedentary life… there are many ways to disrespect our body. We act carelessly on what concerns to our health and appearance, without the conscience that they’re very important for a fulfilling life. How interesting is it that we only see how health is worthy when we lose it… and feeling satisfaction with ourselves includes looking at the mirror and liking what we see.

                         So, it is about time that we decide which habits we’ll maintain, if the healthy or the mischievous. It is about time that we ask ourselves for how long we’ll keep our beauty hidden under some extra pounds or nicotine-dark teeth. It’s time for us to decide if our health is important to us or not, and how we want to be, now and in the future. And, above it all, it’s time for us to respect the wonderful instrument that our body is, without which life on Earth would be impossible, and that is a heavenly gift.

                         Did you think about it? Have you decided to change? If yes, that’s great. Some practical actions are required, then: get rid of all the harmful habits, choose healthier food, try to start some physical activity and be aware that changes which come to last must not be radical, but gradual, by stages. Every change takes time. But the really important thing is that you make the decision to change, take the first step and keep on going that way.  And be proud of yourself, because you’re starting a new life!   

See you soon,


That’s a rough task being patient when you don’t have hope, faith in life, faith in God, in fate or the thing you believe that’s responsible for the order of the facts in life.

Yes, because if you take a good look, you’ll see that everything in life happens on the right time and certain things you’ve fiercely desired wouldn’t be that good if they had come when you wanted them to. Take your time, look back and think: isn’t your trajectory composed by facts that, seen through an isolated perspective, can look like suffering or joy, but when they’re analyzed as a group, they clearly point into one same direction, gathered together for a reason, generally for learning purposes?
According to my way of looking at the world, the existence of a power that’s endlessly superior to us and has the prerogative of coordinating our living in such a clear manner is doubtless.

So, if you don’t believe that everything IS going to change, through your efforts or through that supernatural help that manifests itself everyday without us noticing, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to talk to you about patience. Even because of the fact these texts have been written according to my own experience, and I’ve lived no moment in my life in which I’ve doubted the existence of a universal force immensely superior to me; I never believed that our planet and its inhabitants are abandoned to their own luck, counting only with themselves.

If you believe that you’re not alone on this world, don’t deny yourself the comfort of being patient. Patience is a medicine for much of the suffering you feel, and for other people who follow your example. Be hopeful, for hope is the base of patience, and while you wait, work. Positive results are guaranteed.



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