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“They have their eyes full of adultery.” ( II Peter, 2:14 )

“Eyes full of adultery” represent a dificcult disease in our fight for evolution. Very few men use their eyes as blessed lamps and fewer use them as live instruments of sanctifying work in the necessary vigil.Most people make use of them to look at anything, immediately identifying their worst side.

Ordinary men, usually, look at certain situations only to concentrate on the angles which appeal to their own inferior interests. If they are crossing a field, they do not pay attention to their beneficial role for the collective life , but they can only think of the possibility of material profits which it can offer them.If they see an affectionate sister , walking not far from them, along the evolutive journey, they plan, almost always, a way to establish links which are far from being noble. If they meet companions in places they go to to satisfy their inferior interests, they do not recognize those brothers as capable of having well-intentioned ideas, but on the contrary, they are seen as competitors aiming at less dignified purposes.

Let us listen to Simon Peter’s warning cry, forgetting the habit of analyzing things with an evil eye. Optimistic eyes will know how to extract sublime reasons for learning , in the varied situations along the road they walk. No one should claim the need for vigil to justify manifestations of malice.

The christianized, prudent man, knows how to contemplate his own problems and he never sees evil where evil does not exist yet.

Emmanuel. Channelled by Francisco Candido Xavier, from the book “Pão Nosso”

Source: Os Mensageiros

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Never be ashamed of serving, or regret doing it.

Enhancing your professional work, acquiring new knowledge, is simply your duty.

Cooperate with your bosses through the straightly performed obligation, without employing means of flattery.

Never diminish or imply less value to the efforts of colleagues.

Never pretend sickness or accidents, specially intending to benefit from laws of protection or the help of insurance institutions, for life usually demands that the consequences of such lies are suffered.

Never attribute only to yourself the success of some task, understanding that on every work the team spirit must be considered.

Sabotaging work will always mean deterioration of our own interest.

Accepting disorder or stimulating it is sponsoring our own lack of balance.

You possess countless resources to promote yourself or bettering your own area of action, without recurring to disrespect, disturbance, bitterness or rebellion.

Salary wise, remember this: whoever works must receive payment, but, on the same note, whoever is being paid must work.

André Luiz/Chico Xavier

From the book “Sinal Verde” (green light) – Comunhão Espírita Cristã Publishing, Brazil.

All of us are called to build good for everyone, according to the Laws of God.

It’s very easy to recognize the chosen ones.

The brothers who refuse to work remain called for it.

Understanding that Divine Justice ignores privileges, all of those who decide to serve are chosen by the effect of their own choice.

Emmanuel (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)

Printed message distributed by the Spiritist group “Os Mensageiros”

 Chico, we are deeply grateful for your example of faith, charity and obedience to Jesus’ teachings. Thank you!

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100 years of Chico Xavier - Thank you, Chico!  


If you can, yet today:



Forget the tribulations and show a bigger smile to those who share life with you;


Give one more touch of happiness and beauty to your home;


Go visit, even for a short time, the sick person you wish to encourage;


Write, even if it’s a simple note, transmitting hope and tranquility, on somebody’s benefit;


Enhance your knowledge on the work area you’re currently employing your time on;


Extend some more optimism and joy to the ones you live with;


Try to forget – but really forget – everything that means a reason for sadness or exasperation;


Read some enlightening page and listen to music that sets peace to your heart;


Dedicate some minutes to meditate and pray;


Practice, at least, one good deed without telling it to anyone.



These indications of spiritual support, if respected, will do a great good to others, but will be good especially to you.



André Luiz (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)


From the book « Respostas da Vida », IDEAL Publishing


Christian life hinges upon brotherly love. We may give expression to the best within us.


The Gospel teaches us that there may be always a new beginning every moment so as to gain Christ’s presence.


Patience is the power to bring to us the kingdom of happiness. Jesus knows our shortcomings and gives us His tolerance. Let us help each other. Live is the law.


We must be faithful in little promises. Many people are completely involved with heavenly glories, while they are careless in little things.


Let us wake up. Devotion claims fulfilment. He who knows becomes responsible. The world needs help.


Let us be of service at every opportunity. In the Gospel as well as in business one must look ahead.


Jesus said; “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And not one of them shall fall to the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered”.


We can not measure God’s glory around us, but we can recognize the divine attributes of God through our love to our fellow man.


As far as it goes, the definition of the New Testament, “God is love; and he that abideth in  love abideth in God, and God abideth in him”, carries with it the promise that by living  and practising pure love man will finally attain to the state of union with the Maker for  ever.


Would we find God? Then we need to follow Jesus Christ. Service with Him, is the real easement of life’s problems.


Good things do not come to us by chance. The happiness and the peace in the soul’s kingdom come from love’s service. When we find love in our heart, Jesus is there.


“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Jesus (Matthew, 6:21)




July, 9 1965, New York City, NY 


(From the Book: “Entre Irmãos de Outras Terras” by F.C.Xavier and V. Vieira)


Message found on the webpage of the Spiritist Society of Baltimore:

Everything passes… joy, pain, happiness, sadness…


The Universe is an eternal dynamic…


The worlds renew themselves; the beings evolve…


Nature dies and is born again thousands of times…


A Sun comes from another Sun…


A cell comes from another cell…


Only God stays…


Only God is…


He, the Uncreated, alpha and omega of Life, is the Law… 


Law that changes without changing itself…


That enhances without the need of enhancing itself…


That aggrandizes without needing to aggrandize itself…


Everything goes by to stay…


Everything stays to be…


The Spirit, reflection of the Creator, is what counts…


Is what stays, is what is…


Spirit and God, God and Spirit, summary and synthesis of Life.





From the book “Juntos Venceremos” (Together we’ll win). Mediums: Francisco Cândido Xavier and Carlos A. Bacelli.



When you see yourself on the verge of impatience that is able to throw your heart to the thorns of anguish, count the advantages that you have, in order to become immune to the attack of darkness.


Misunderstandings in family…

Remember those who long to find someone, even for a simple argument, on the chronic loneliness in which they find themselves.


Friends who go away…

Meditate on the probation of those who never had them.



Think about the balanced brain that you have to support the fellows who are sick on the soul.


Beloved ones facing serious problems with feelings…

Meditate about your tranquility and safety, because of which, for now, you are able to stay free of obsessions.


Overload of tasks, which compel you to despondency and tiredness…

Spend a few moments examining the fight of the brothers who are out of any possibility of employment to guarantee their own maintenance.



Evaluate the importance of some words of comfort that you can bring to fellows who are sick or comprehensibly weakened by the suffering that dominates them.


Broken home…

Take a look at the brothers who go by without a home.



Count the blessings in your life and vaccinate yourself against despair, because despair is a volcano of fire and darkness; its extension on the domains of disarray and death no one can measure.



By the spirit André Luiz – From the book  Aulas da Vida (Lessons of life). Medium (automatic writing):  Francisco Cândido Xavier.


Message found at Caminhos de Luz .


If you can’t be patient because you are under the troubles of some illness, revolting yourself against the situation will only worsen your condition, doing harm to your treatment.  


If losses of material resources have dilapidated your economic savings and you stay away from work, intending to protest against the world, that will put you under bigger difficulties.  


If you revolt yourself against the illness of someone dear, this attitude will enlarge the sickness of the person you dedicate yourself to.


If you rebel yourself against the friend that does not embrace your points of view anymore, that’s a behavior that will only set you on bitterness for no reason.


If you don’t accept the work conditions life has designated for you, denying yourself the necessary renovation, you will obtain nothing but frustration on unemployment.


If you don’t keep the necessary calm while facing offense and critics, you will inevitably enter the domains of desperation.


Patience is the support of peace for all crisis and probations on which you may be. Exchanging it for complaint and rage, discontentment and intolerance, will always be leaving the little difficulty which you are facing to fall into the worst one.



Emmanuel (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)


Message distributed by GEEM – Emmanuel Spiritist Group



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