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When we are unsure about something we have to do, before anything else, we should ask ourselves the following questions:


1st) Will what I am hesitating about cause harm to anyone?


2nd) Will it be useful to anyone?


3rd) If someone did this to me would I be pleased?


If what we think of doing is of interest only to ourself, it is permissible to weigh the personal advantages or disadvantages which may arise.


If it concerns others and if, in doing good for one person, it redounds in badness for another, it is also equally necessary to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether to act or abstain.


Finally, even when dealing with the best of things it is necessary to consider the opportunity and the circumstances being offered, in as much as something that is good in itself con give bad results when put into the wrong hands, or if it is not directed with prudence and circumspection. Before putting it into effect it is best to consult our strength and the means of execution.


In any case, we can always solicit the assistance of our Protecting Spirits, remembering this wise maxim: When in doubt, do nothing (See chapter 28, item 38).




In the name of God, the All Powerful One, in my uncertainty, I call upon the good Spirits who protect me to inspire me to make the best decisions. Lead my thoughts always towards goodness and protect me from the influences of those who tempt me to stray.




This prayer can be found on “The Gospel According to Spiritism”, which can be downloaded here.


Please pray with us.





Never be ashamed of serving, or regret doing it.

Enhancing your professional work, acquiring new knowledge, is simply your duty.

Cooperate with your bosses through the straightly performed obligation, without employing means of flattery.

Never diminish or imply less value to the efforts of colleagues.

Never pretend sickness or accidents, specially intending to benefit from laws of protection or the help of insurance institutions, for life usually demands that the consequences of such lies are suffered.

Never attribute only to yourself the success of some task, understanding that on every work the team spirit must be considered.

Sabotaging work will always mean deterioration of our own interest.

Accepting disorder or stimulating it is sponsoring our own lack of balance.

You possess countless resources to promote yourself or bettering your own area of action, without recurring to disrespect, disturbance, bitterness or rebellion.

Salary wise, remember this: whoever works must receive payment, but, on the same note, whoever is being paid must work.

André Luiz/Chico Xavier

From the book “Sinal Verde” (green light) – Comunhão Espírita Cristã Publishing, Brazil.

386. Could two beings, who have already known and loved each other, meet again and recognise one another, in another corporeal existence?

“They could not recognise one another; but they might be attracted to each other. The attraction resulting from the ties of a former existence is often the cause of the most intimate affectional unions of a subsequent existence. It often happens in your world that two persons are drawn together by circumstances which appear to be merely fortuitous, but which are really due to the attraction exercised upon one another by two spirits who are unconsciously seeking each other amidst the crowds by whom they are surrounded.”

-Would it not be more agreeable for them to recognise each other?

“Not always; the remembrance of past existences would be attended with greater disadvantages than you suppose. After death they would recognise one another, and would then remember the periods they had passed together.” (392.)

387. Is sympathy always the result of anterior acquaintanceship?

“No; two spirits who are in harmony naturally seek one another, without their having been previously acquainted with each other as men.”

388. May it not be that the meetings which sometimes take place between two persons, and which are attributed to chance, are really due to the action of some sort of sympathetic relationship?

“There are, among thinking beings, orders of relationship with ‘which you are not yet acquainted. Magnetism is the pilot of the science that will enable you to understand them at a future period.”

389. What is the cause of the instinctive repulsion sometimes excited in us by persons whom we see for the first time?

“The latent antipathy of two spirits who divine each other’s nature, and recognise one another, without the need of speaking together.”

390. Is instinctive antipathy allays the sign of an evil nature on the part of one or both of the parties who feel it?

“Two spirits are not necessarily evil because the)’ are not sympathetic; for antipathy may spring from a want of similarity in their way of thinking. But in proportion as they ascend, these shades of difference are effaced, and their antipathy disappears.”

391. Does the antipathy of two persons take its first beginning on the part of the better or the worse one of the two?

“It may begin simultaneously on the part of both; but, in such a case, its causes and effects are different. A bad spirit feels antipathy against whoever is able to judge and to unmask him. On seeing such a person for the first time, he knows that he will be disapproved by him; his repulsion changes into hatred or jealousy, and inspires him with the desire of doing harm to the object of his antipathy. A good spirit feels repulsion for a had one, because he knows that he will not be understood by him, and that they do not share the same sentiments; but, strong in his own superiority, he feels neither hatred nor jealousy towards him, and contents himself with avoiding and pitying him.”

Excerpt from Allan Kardec‘s “The Spirit’s Book”, translated by Anna Blackwell, LAKE (Livraria Allan Kardec Editora), Printed in Brazil. Version found at Public Domain.


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If you can, yet today:



Forget the tribulations and show a bigger smile to those who share life with you;


Give one more touch of happiness and beauty to your home;


Go visit, even for a short time, the sick person you wish to encourage;


Write, even if it’s a simple note, transmitting hope and tranquility, on somebody’s benefit;


Enhance your knowledge on the work area you’re currently employing your time on;


Extend some more optimism and joy to the ones you live with;


Try to forget – but really forget – everything that means a reason for sadness or exasperation;


Read some enlightening page and listen to music that sets peace to your heart;


Dedicate some minutes to meditate and pray;


Practice, at least, one good deed without telling it to anyone.



These indications of spiritual support, if respected, will do a great good to others, but will be good especially to you.



André Luiz (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)


From the book « Respostas da Vida », IDEAL Publishing


400. Does the incarnated spirit reside willingly in his corporeal envelope?


“You might as well ask whether a prisoner willingly remains locked up in prison. The incarnated spirit aspires incessantly after his deliverance; and the grosser his envelope, the more desirous is be to be rid of it.”


401. Does the soul take rest, like tile body, during sleep?


“No; a spirit is never inactive. The bonds which unite him to the body are relaxed during sleep; and as the body does not then need his presence, he travels through space, and enters into more direct relation with other spirits.”


402. How can we ascertain the fact of a spirit’s liberty during sleep?


“By dreams. Be very sure that, when his body is asleep, a spirit enjoys the use of faculties of which he is unconscious while his body is awake. He remembers the past, and sometimes foresees the future: he acquires more power, and is able to enter into communication with other spirits, either in this world or in some other.



“You often say, ‘I have had a strange dream, a frightful dream, without any likeness to reality’.



You are mistaken in thinking it to be so; for it is often a reminiscence of places and things which you have seen in the past, or a foresight of those which you will see in another existence, or in this one at some future time. The body being torpid, the spirit tries to break his chain, and seeks, in the past or in the future, for the means of doing so.



“Poor human beings! how little do you know of the commonest phenomena of your life! You fancy yourselves to be very learned, and you are puzzled by the most ordinary things. To questions that any child might ask, ‘What do we do when we are asleep?’ ‘What are dreams?’ you are incapable of replying.



“Sleep effects a partial freeing of the soul from the body. When you sleep, your spirit is, for the time being, in the state in which you will be after your death. The spirits who at death are promptly freed from matter are those who, during their life, have had what may be called intelligent sleep. Such persons, when they sleep, regain the society of other spirits superior to themselves. They go about with them, conversing with them, and gaining instruction from them; they even work, in the spirit-world, at undertakings which, on dying, they find already begun or completed. From this you see how little death should be dreaded, since, according to the saying of St. Paul, you ‘die daily.’



“What we have just stated refers to spirits of an elevated degree of advancement. As for those of the common mass of men, who, after their death, remain for long hours in the state of confusion and uncertainty of which you have been told by such, they go, during sleep, into worlds of lower rank than the earth, to which they are drawn back by old affections, or by the attraction of pleasures still baser than those to which they are addicted in your world; visits in which they gather ideas still viler, more ignoble, and more mischievous than those which they had professed during their waking hours. And that which engenders sympathy in the earthly life is nothing else than the fact that you feel yourselves, on waking, affectionately attracted towards those with whom you have passed eight or nine hours of happiness or pleasure.


On the other hand, the explanation of the invincible antipathies you sometimes feel for certain persons is also to be found in the intuitive knowledge you have thus acquired of the fact that those persons have another conscience than yours, because you know them without having previously seen them with your bodily eyes. It is this same fact, moreover, that explains the indifference of some people for others; they do not care to make new friends, because they know that they have others by whom they are loved and cherished. In a word, sleep has more influence than you think upon your life.



Excerpt from Allan Kardec‘s “The Spirit’s Book”, translated by Anna Blackwell, LAKE (Livraria Allan Kardec Editora), Printed in Brazil. Version found at Public Domain.




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Every bad thought can have two origins: our own spiritual imperfection or the action of a harmful influence. In the last case we have the indication of a weakness which exposes us to these influences, and it is for this reason that our soul is imperfect. So that the one who foils cannot offer as an excuse the influence of a strange Spirit, seeing that this Spirit would not have led them to wrongdoing if they were inaccessible to seduction.


When we have a bad thought, we can suppose that it was an evil Spirit which suggested the evil, leaving us complete liberty to accede or resist, just as if we were facing a living person. At the same time, we should make a mental picture of our Guardian Angel or protecting Spirit who from his side combats within us the bad influences and anxiously awaits the decision we are going to make. Our hesitation in acting upon the evil suggestions is due to the voice of our good Spirit, who makes himself heard through our conscience.


One recognises a thought is bad when it draws away from charity which is the base of all true morality; or when it comes laden with pride, vanity and selfishness; or when its realization may cause harm to another person: in short, when we are induced by our thoughts to do to others what we would not like someone to do to us (See chapter 28, item 15 & chapter 15 item 10).





All Powerful Lord, do not let me succumb to the temptation to fall into error! Benevolent Spirits who protect me, turn this bad thought away from me and give me the strength to resist this evil. If I succumb, then I will deserve the expiation of my failing in this same life and in the next, because I have free will to make my choice.



This prayer can be found on “The Gospel According to Spiritism”, which can be downloaded here.


Please pray with us.

Christian life hinges upon brotherly love. We may give expression to the best within us.


The Gospel teaches us that there may be always a new beginning every moment so as to gain Christ’s presence.


Patience is the power to bring to us the kingdom of happiness. Jesus knows our shortcomings and gives us His tolerance. Let us help each other. Live is the law.


We must be faithful in little promises. Many people are completely involved with heavenly glories, while they are careless in little things.


Let us wake up. Devotion claims fulfilment. He who knows becomes responsible. The world needs help.


Let us be of service at every opportunity. In the Gospel as well as in business one must look ahead.


Jesus said; “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And not one of them shall fall to the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered”.


We can not measure God’s glory around us, but we can recognize the divine attributes of God through our love to our fellow man.


As far as it goes, the definition of the New Testament, “God is love; and he that abideth in  love abideth in God, and God abideth in him”, carries with it the promise that by living  and practising pure love man will finally attain to the state of union with the Maker for  ever.


Would we find God? Then we need to follow Jesus Christ. Service with Him, is the real easement of life’s problems.


Good things do not come to us by chance. The happiness and the peace in the soul’s kingdom come from love’s service. When we find love in our heart, Jesus is there.


“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Jesus (Matthew, 6:21)




July, 9 1965, New York City, NY 


(From the Book: “Entre Irmãos de Outras Terras” by F.C.Xavier and V. Vieira)


Message found on the webpage of the Spiritist Society of Baltimore:

                        Love one another and you will be happy. Above all else, take to heart the need to love all those who inspire indifference, hate and scorn. Christ, who should be considered as the model, gave an example of this kind of devotion. Missionary of Love that He was, He loved so much as to give His very blood and life for Love. It is a painful sacrifice to love those who insult and torment us, but it is exactly this sacrifice which makes you superior to them. If you were to hate them, as they hate you, then you would be worth no more than they. To love them is the Immaculate Host you offer to God on the altar of your hearts, which will envelop you in its aroma as if it were a sweet perfume.


                        If the law of Love demands that each one love all their brothers and sisters without distinction, it does not mean that the heart will be protected as if by a breastplate against evil conduct. On the contrary, it is the most anguishing of trials, which I know full well, having experienced this same torture during my last earthly existence. But God is ever present, and punishes in this life or the next all who violate the law of love. My dear children, do not forget that love draws us near to God and hate drives us away from Him.



FENELON (Bordeaux, 1861)



Excerpt from Allan Kardec‘s “The Gospel According to Spiritism”, The Headquarters Publishing Co Ltd (London), 1987. Version found at Public Domain.





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– The version of “The Gospel According to Spiritism” (that is in public domain) is available for free download here (.pdf format)


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– Download the other basic books of Spiritism here (.pdf format)



                        Through the dangers we run God reminds us of the frailty of our existence. He shows us that our lives are in His hands, and that being held by only a thread, it may break when we least expect it to happen. From this point of view privilege does not exist for anyone because the same alternatives are to be found for both great and small alike.


                        If we look at the nature and the consequences of danger we will see in most cases that these consequences, if they are verified, will have been a punishment for a misdeed or for an unfulfilled duty.






                        Almighty God, and you who are my Guardian Angel, help me! If I must succumb, may God’s will be done. If I am to be saved, may the rest of my life be given to repay the evil I have done, for which I am truly repentant.


This prayer can be found on “The Gospel According to Spiritism”, which can be downloaded here.


Please pray with us.


Everything passes… joy, pain, happiness, sadness…


The Universe is an eternal dynamic…


The worlds renew themselves; the beings evolve…


Nature dies and is born again thousands of times…


A Sun comes from another Sun…


A cell comes from another cell…


Only God stays…


Only God is…


He, the Uncreated, alpha and omega of Life, is the Law… 


Law that changes without changing itself…


That enhances without the need of enhancing itself…


That aggrandizes without needing to aggrandize itself…


Everything goes by to stay…


Everything stays to be…


The Spirit, reflection of the Creator, is what counts…


Is what stays, is what is…


Spirit and God, God and Spirit, summary and synthesis of Life.





From the book “Juntos Venceremos” (Together we’ll win). Mediums: Francisco Cândido Xavier and Carlos A. Bacelli.





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