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All of us are called to build good for everyone, according to the Laws of God.

It’s very easy to recognize the chosen ones.

The brothers who refuse to work remain called for it.

Understanding that Divine Justice ignores privileges, all of those who decide to serve are chosen by the effect of their own choice.

Emmanuel (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)

Printed message distributed by the Spiritist group “Os Mensageiros”

They’ve said:


That you won’t be successful on your business; 


That your dear person that is sick is near death;


That you will face a long night of hardships;


That you won’t find anymore the job you most wanted;


That you won’t recover from certain losses you suffered;


That the dreams you wish for won’t come true;


That the loved ones that are away from you will never come back to be near you again;


That the weariness of your physical body won’t allow you to do the things you want so much to do;


That for this or that mistake you’ll walk on the Earth constantly under rocks and thorns;



All of this has been said…



However, keep working and serving, praying and waiting, because God’s opinions are different.



Emmanuel (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)



From the website O


“Start your day on the light of prayer.


The love of God never fails.”


Emmanuel (spirit), Chico Xavier (medium – automatic writing)


Message found on the blog *RELIGARE*

We are not able to correct all the errors and extinguish all the afflictions on the roads of existence, but we can all go through every day, making life better and dignifying it, on us and around us.



No matter what happens on the way,

God will protect you.


On the happy times,

Ask God for balance.


On the moments of hardships,

Shelter yourself in God.


If someone harms you,

Leave the subject to God.


If you suffer with despise,

Firmly stand with God.


Everything seems to go against you?

Serve and trust GOD.




Automatic writing by Chico Xavier


Printed message distributed by Lar Espírita Francisco de Assis, São Paulo – SP, Brazil.


(…) When work, however, becomes the pleasure of serving, comes the most important point of spiritual remuneration: every time the Divine Justice goes after us on the exact address for the execution of the sentences we proffer against ourselves, according to the laws of cause and effect, if It finds us serving others, the Divine Mercy orders that the execution be suspended, for indeterminate time.

And, on the appropriate time, when comes the unavoidable contact with the mechanisms of the Earthly Justice, there comes to help us the influence of all the ones who, by any chance, we have assisted, since this kind of companions convert themselves spontaneously into natural advocates of our cause, lightening the penalties in which we have incurred or terminating them completely, if we have already rescued in love our debts of probation and suffering, for the rectification and tranquility inside ourselves.

Let’s think deeply about this and conclude that working and serving, anywhere, will always represent to us constant support and promotion to the Better Life.


Emmanuel (spirit)


Chico Xavier (medium)


Message found on the website Vida e



We wish you all a happy and blessed New Year!


Thanks for sharing this space with us in 2008.


We hope you’ll keep going on this journey with us on 2009!


Peace and light!

Be better and serve.

Happiness is exchange.

Love is fusion.


The Divine Messengers aspire to exchange their strength with yours, on the reciprocal transfusion of ideas and hopes, so that Heaven comes down on Earth and that Earth elevates itself to Heaven.



Emmanuel (spirit), Chico Xavier (medium)


From the blog RELIGARE

Walking with Jesus,


Fear nothing. Work.


Do not omit yourself. Help.


Do not disturb yourself. Love.


Do not condemn. Support.


Do not feel offended. Forget.


Do not destroy. Build.


Do not criticize. Instruct.


Do not stop. Always serve.




If you are challenged by evil,


With Jesus, you’ll win.



Emmanuel (spirit), Chico Xavier (medium)

From the website “O”


Never say that you can’t be useful.



Make each day become

A poem of faith.



You can be the hope

For the ones who lay in anguish.



One sentence of light

Lifts up the fallen brothers.



You’ll have, as much as you want,

The blessing prayer.



To disseminate virtue,

God’s support is enough.



Emmanuel (spirit) / Chico Xavier (medium)




Negative impressions?

You don’t have to say them.


Noticing flaws,

Search for the qualities.


With motives for complaint,

Don’t complain. Wait.


Critics without benefit

Tear apart your profile.


We find on others

What we have on ourselves.


We only see what we got –

That’s from the Law of God.



Emmanuel (spirit) and Chico Xavier (medium)



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