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                        I invite you to do a self-analysis. Carefully observe your body and your face in front of the mirror. What is bothering you? In your mind, list everything that you consider unsatisfying, physically speaking.  Now, ask yourself: was indiscipline a decisive factor for this displeasure with your body?

                         Drinking way too much, smoking, lackadaisical eating, not enough sleep, sedentary life… there are many ways to disrespect our body. We act carelessly on what concerns to our health and appearance, without the conscience that they’re very important for a fulfilling life. How interesting is it that we only see how health is worthy when we lose it… and feeling satisfaction with ourselves includes looking at the mirror and liking what we see.

                         So, it is about time that we decide which habits we’ll maintain, if the healthy or the mischievous. It is about time that we ask ourselves for how long we’ll keep our beauty hidden under some extra pounds or nicotine-dark teeth. It’s time for us to decide if our health is important to us or not, and how we want to be, now and in the future. And, above it all, it’s time for us to respect the wonderful instrument that our body is, without which life on Earth would be impossible, and that is a heavenly gift.

                         Did you think about it? Have you decided to change? If yes, that’s great. Some practical actions are required, then: get rid of all the harmful habits, choose healthier food, try to start some physical activity and be aware that changes which come to last must not be radical, but gradual, by stages. Every change takes time. But the really important thing is that you make the decision to change, take the first step and keep on going that way.  And be proud of yourself, because you’re starting a new life!   

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